20+ Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men

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We’ve managed to rumble up a few reasons to leave you with no doubts that ‘Risk’ is every man’s middle name.

1. Fortune loves the brave.

2. Rules aren’t rules if you can’t break them.

3. Safety costs too much.

4. “Yeah! I’ll see you there in 5!”.

5. Absolute Genius.

6. Sacked from the circus — fast track electrician course it is.

7. And this one became a rigger.

8. Home delivery included when you spend over $10

9. How on earth did he get up there?

10. “Honey..I’m home!”

11. Safety Shafety.

12. The leaning tower of timber?

13. No one, of course. It’s not hard to do without it.

14. Badman.

15. Nothing happened yet, and I’m already in tears.

16. Who said moving homes was too much of an effort?

17. “Shit! He’s on his way! Quick! Fly the colors!”

18. Regular lighters are for regular people.

19. I’m pretty sure, there’s another way to do it, no?

20. Who needs steel toe caps, when you’ve got steel toe nails?

21. “Right sir, I’m afraid your engines on it’s way out.”

22. It was an accident! Please don’t tell mommy!

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