What We Do

We write content for everyone, not just men. Covering a range of topics, our team of writers are self-confessed connoisseurs of being creative. That means they only write articles that they’d read themselves. Great products. Witty findings. Heart-warming romances. Stuff that grip you so strong, that you can’t help but share them with your friends.

Because that’s what this is about – you – the community. Our team explores the darkest recesses of the internet (that’s dedication!) to find you the latest trending news and tales that’ll make a difference in your day. Whether that’s sparking the slightest smile, perfecting your jawline or driving you to positive action, it doesn’t matter.

Who We Are

Shopaholics. Players. Nerds. Botox junkies. Cynical millennials (ever been to England?). We like to think that we’re just like you – our readers. Just normal folk, united by the mutual love of a good story. You won’t see us tricking you with deceptive clickbait titles or sneaky marketing techniques. Because we value honesty. And truthfully, great storytelling is its own best exposure