BATHMATE Review: 95% SUCCESS Rate, But Does It Work?

The point of penis pumping and penis extension devices is to make one’s penis thicker, longer and larger.

When you get right down to the deal that is the bottom line and what defines whether a product is a good buy or not. Apparently, increasing circulation to the penis on a regular basis, using vacuum and extension methods, does something to simply give a man a larger dick. That is the grunge of the message and as the methods abound, let us dig right in and find what the deal is with BathMate, a unique penis enlargement device involving showers with heat.


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The BathMate Hercules

Indeed, this must be the bastion of all hydro penis pumps because it is named after a god, but maybe it is not. It may depend on the size of your penis after all. This literal sucker costs $109.99 and reports a 95% success rate, meaning it mostly worked.

According to the distributors, this thing sells very well and is, in fact, one of the very best selling penis enlarging devices.

It is also touted to promote overall penis health with regular use. Penis health is important to sexual health, and sexual health is important to pleasure. Perhaps it is time to spend money on making your penis bigger.

bathmate-hydromax-x40BathMate Goes Hydromax X40

The 411 on this model is that it is the best in the mid-line for boosting penis size and producing some seriously hard, partner-pleasing erections of blissful proportions.

This report comes straight from the populace of consumers who have landed the $192 device and used it to synchronize penis enlargement on a more precise level based on positioning and valve fixing with active result-oriented design across the board.

There is a minor side effect. It can be quite a pleasurable option among penis enlargement devices of the hydro-powered nature.

The Drawbacks

Using gauged air pump systems and tension extenders along with medical enhancement methods is the ultimate approach to growing a larger penis. So, these Hydro-pump methods like BathMate are not the very best approach, but it does get high ratings in testimonials.

This at least speaks for something. The major drawback is that these particular devices may not meet technological standards. We are not necessarily seeking technology; we want larger penises for better sex, and we want methods which work and are affordable.

BATHMATE Review: Suffering From A BENT Or A SMALL Penis? Problem SOLVED

Positive Points for BathMate

The real point of the matter for exercising the penis is this: you are increasing blood and nutrient flow. Be it by an air pump or water pump or some divine method of ethereal inclusion of a Dionysian ritual, the point is to get blood and volume into the penis. The great thing about using the Hydro method is that you simply fill up a well-designed device with water, after fitting it to the potential size of your penis, and then you begin to release the water. This creates a negative pressure.

So, your body responds in kind by sending more blood to the penis. The process of hydro- decompression eventually can lead to a highly negative pressure, causing the penis to fill with all the blood it can. The warmth of the shower water or bath water will create a dilation of the arteries of the penis, making it hard, nourished and large.

At this stage, many couples take a break to enjoy this massive erection. Pelvic dances of sexual Tantra can ensue, and this does more for penis growth and sexual satisfaction. Perhaps there is a sensual allure to using a hydro penis pump like BathMate in the shower or bath. When she comes in and sees the sin, she will have to dive in.

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You'll Be SHOCKED After 15 Minutes! - BATHMATE Uncovered

Minor Drawbacks

In this case, there is no money back guarantees. Perhaps this is because they are so sure it works or the other way around and even perhaps neither one. There is a 60-day money back return policy which is conditional upon the buyer actually NOT contacting the seller within two weeks of receiving this BathMate penis enlargement device. Interestingly, it won’t be replaced due to pressure or impact breakage, which lends more to the notion you will probably ejaculate and become very aroused while using this device.

All you get is a warranty from the manufacturer for two years, and there is no clarity elucidating exactly what this means.


Conclusion on the BathMate

It seems like a device to try, and it is based on some very sound principles of physics. There is an extreme possibility that it could be used for entertaining purposes and possibly more masochistic purposes, but this is irrelevant. The idea is to use these devices to make your penis larger so you and your partner or partners can enjoy more intense sex. You want satisfaction, and so does she. Find a way to make the satisfaction happen. This may be the way.


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