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Overcoming NERVES: Making The Decision to BUY A Penis Extender

I HATED The Locker Room. That Is Where My Decision To Buy A Penis Extender Initially Came From.

When I was still just a boy, I had to be in the locker room every day after football and basketball practice. At the time, I was horrified by the idea that any of the guys would see me naked while I was changing.

Young man, teenager or young adult, furrows his eyebrows and bites his fingernail as if he is nervous or worried. He is a Paciific Islander.

The fact that I was embarrassed to be seen naked bothered me. It shouldn’t have been something that mattered, but it did. In a world where bigger is better, I knew that I would get made fun of if anyone happened to glance over.

I was already picked on for being short in height, so I couldn’t deal with having the mick taken out of me for having a shorter than average penis as well.

It Only Gets Worse

As a young teenage boy, I did not have to worry if a girl would be satisfied by me in bed. Some of the guys were boastful about their conquests, but I never bothered talking to any of the cheerleaders or girls in my classes.

Girls like tall, muscular guys or funny guys. At the time, I was neither. I was a JV player for every sport I ever tried out for and the shortest guy ever—at least that is how it felt.

Before long, I was in high school, and the previous non-issue of sleeping with girls was starting to become a very real problem. Unlike other guys in high school, I couldn’t just find some girl at a party for my first hook-up. Between my size and my inexperience, there was no way that I was going to trust an unknown girl to keep my secret.

The only option thing that I could do was just not hook up with any girl.

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College Begins…

College is supposed to be the time of your life where you spend your weekends partying and dating. Instead of taking a girl out on my arm every Friday or Saturday night, I was left sitting at the frat house and wondering when my life was going to change.

I ended up wasting the first six months of my college years before I decided that I could do something about it. Although I would still need to get experience and lose my virginity, it was possible for to increase my size. With this new goal at the forefront of my mind, I decided to purchase SizeGenetics.

Finding the Right Penis Extender

The first thing that I had to do was figure out which penis extender would work best for me. It seems like an easy task, but it isn’t at all. My main thought was about getting bigger.

I didn’t care about guarantees, warranties, medical certification or spare parts. My focus was entirely on the end goal. Since I just wanted to get a longer penis, I began looking around for products that were backed by clinical research as well as before and after pictures.

Using actual customer testimonials and clinical studies, I finally settled on the right penis enlargement device:

Other than my main desire of successfully increasing the length and girth of my penis, there were a few other pieces of information that made SizeGenetics stand out.

Unlike some of the products that I saw in local sex shops, SizeGenetics has a class I medical certification from the Food and Drug Administration. In the European Union, it is CE certified.

These certifications mean that what I am using on my penis is completely safe and has been researched thoroughly by actual medical practitioners. Considering the amount of time I would spend with the device—and where it was being applied–, I certainly wanted to ensure that it was medically certified.

After the important features involving results and safety had been out of the way, a few other benefits stood out on the SizeGenetics website. Since I was (and still am) living in a fraternity, I needed to have the most discreet shipping ever. There was no way that I wanted anyone to find out that I needed to have a larger penis—or that I was willing to
change it.

I am fine with my decision, but I knew that some of the brothers would make fun of me mercilessly if I told them.

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Receiving the Package

Thankfully, everything worked out exactly the way that the SizeGenetics customer service representative said that it would. The package arrived in my campus mail room, but there was no indication of what was inside.

After chatting up the girl in the mail room, I headed back to the frat house to get to work. Once I was securely in my bedroom, I opened up the package.

Everything was inside exactly like the website said. There was an instructional video and instruction booklet inside for me to use. It took just moments to figure out how to use it and was extremely comfortable to wear.

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After six months of using SizeGenetics, I went from 3.5/4 inches to 6/6.5 inches. I know that I also increased in girth, but I didn’t think to measure around the penis before I began using SizeGenetics.

The new increase in size has been a catalyst for some changes in my life. Last month, I finally lost my virginity. After “becoming a man” finally, I haven’t stopped since. I may not be 10 inches in length, but I am now above average in size and girth.

When I want to have sex or change in the locker rooms, I don’t have to worry anymore about being laughed out of the room. Instead, I enjoy being naked. Better yet, there were absolutely no side effects (for me) of using the device.

For anyone who is debating the purchase of a penis extender, I would highly recommend that you do it. There are many different penis enlargement devices that can help you obtain the size or girth that you want. Before you buy, just always make sure that they ship the device discreetly and are willing to back it with a money back guarantee.