The Most Common Penis Extenders Available

If you are looking into the market for penis enlargement devices, there are many options available. Modern technology has made it possible for each person to make their lives easier.

In the field of plastic surgery and similar endeavors, it is now possible to make your body look exactly how you want it to. Mechanical devices can be used to make your penis longer and wider without you ever needing to leave your home.

Overview: What are Penis Enlargement Devices?sizegeneticsfullsystem1

In the past, men often had to undergo surgery to increase the size of their penis. Over recent years, new mechanical devices have appeared that make surgery unnecessary. With a penis extender like SizeGenetics, men can get the increase in size and girth that they want without ever having to undergo surgery.

A penis enlargement device is essentially a device that manually forces penile growth. Most devices have adjustment options that allow you to change the amount of pressure or the intensity level. As you increase in length, you will be able to adjust the intensity for your new size.

Before You Buy

If you think that a penis enlargement device is what you need, it is time to consider different brands. The number of penis extenders may seem daunting at first, but you will be able to narrow things down over time. Before you make a purchase, make sure to look for a penis extender that includes the following qualities:

  • Money Back Guarantee – You always want a penis extender that contains a money back guarantee. A well-made product will always have one because the company knows that they are sending out a good product that will not break. Shoddy products and fly-by-night companies never offer a guarantee because they know that their product will not last.
  • Medically Certified– If you care about your penis, you want a medically certified penis extender. Before you buy it, make sure that the FDA or a similar regulatory group in the European Union has cleared the device. For a device to be cleared by the FDA, it has to undergo safety trials and clinical tests to ensure that it works. If you buy a device that is not medically certified, you are putting your body at risk.
  • Proof of Results– There are penis extenders that have been tested in clinical trials and have statistics to back their claims. Since you want to have results from using the penis extender, you will want to know upfront if a specific product will deliver. Make sure that you look for a penis extender that contains proof and studies to back any claims.
  • The length of Time in the Business– When buying items on-line, it is difficult for you to get a feel for a company. For a brick-and-mortar store, you have most likely heard from friends about personal experiences, trusted brands and feedback. If you plan on buying a penis extender on-line, you want to look for a company that has the longest history in the industry. Businesses that have made and sold the same product for 20 years or more are typically better companies. To remain open for that long, they must have satisfied their customers and made a quality product.

Top Penis Extenders Available

At the moment, there are about five penis extenders that are fairly good but SizeGenetics, Penomet and Phallosan are amongst the well-known penis extenders. Each pf these pumps is designed to force additional blood into the penis and stimulate the formation of new cells. Out of these pumps, the SizeGenetics model is unique because of its impressive clinical results and product history.



The Phallosan system uses a vacuum protector system and can be worn at any time of the day or night. It is pretty effective and technologically advanced. Additionally, it offers an allergen-free design, 14-day return policy, and a free consultation. Some of the drawbacks of this device include its extremely high cost—it is one of the most expensive penis enlargement tools on the marketplace.

The 14-day guarantee is also less than the average guarantee offered by other brands. If you purchase Phallosan, there is a chance that you will end up spending more than necessary on a product that you cannot return after two weeks. User reviews of it are favorable, but you would have to buy it with the knowledge that you may not be able to return it.



With Penomet, you need to use water and a conventional air vacuum pump. It also comes with multiple gaiter sizes that help to provide the compression the device needs to stretch the penis.

Currently, the company is selling the device with a three-year warranty and a comfort strap for shower usage. Although the design of the Penomet is easy to use and the warranty is extremely good, it is one of the highest priced penis enlargement devices on the marketplace today.



Unlike many of the other products in the marketplace, SizeGenetics boasts of a 58-way comfort system and add-ons like free shipping. Each device arrives with a 6-month money back guarantee and plenty of extras.

These devices are certified by the FDA as a medical Type 1 device and have a European Union CE certification. With 19 years of history in the business, SizeGenetics is backed by a wealth of clinical trials and comes with a moderate price range.

Overall, one of the best products available on the marketplace is the SizeGenetics penis enlargement device. Although there are cheaper pumps and devices, the majority of the cheaper devices also have cheaper product quality. If you want to increase your penis size comfortably, then using a penis enlargement device like SizeGenetics is the way to go.

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