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CURE Erectile Dysfunction With Penis Extenders? Is It A Myth?

At Some Point In Their Lives, MOST Men Have To Deal With Erectile Dysfunction

Although this condition can cause a drop in self-confidence and issues in the bedroom, it is treatable. From pills to penis extenders like SizeGenetics, there are ways to treat erectile dysfunction.

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Erectile dysfunction tends to be caused by either a physical or physiological problem. Problems like cardiovascular issues, weak veins or kidney disease, can all increase the chances of having high blood pressure. Psychologically, it may occur when men were particularly nervous, stressed out or anxious. Both forms of erectile dysfunction are commonly treated with things like therapy, penis extenders, prescriptions, and injections.

When you suffer from ED, it becomes difficult to maintain an erection. This type of impotence can make even the best relationships stressful. Men may begin to feel inadequate or suffer from a drop in self-confidence.

Even men who do not have clinical erectile dysfunction still may have problems with maintaining an erection on occasion. If erectile dysfunction only happens on rare occasions, it probably is not a sign of more serious problems.

For men who have erectile dysfunction that gradually becomes worse, it can be a sign of an underlying medical condition. Men with gradually worsening ED should visit a doctor because it could be a sign of something serious.

If you are still able to become hard while masturbating or in the early hours of the morning, the cause of your ED is most likely psychological.

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What Causes ED?

Many different actors can lead to ED. Psychologically, you may be under stress from your work, financial troubles or relationship. This can lead to problems maintaining an erection. Once you do have difficulties with maintaining an erection, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The added stress and performance anxiety can lead to additional problems in the bedroom. Some men have difficulties maintaining an erection because they feel guilty about not being able to perform.

Likewise, depression can cause erectile dysfunction. Men who are taking anti-depressants may find an erection difficult because ED is a common side effect of these prescription drugs.

Each psychological problem will cause your body to go into “fight or flight” mode. Your body is suddenly flooded with additional stress hormones that cause the blood vessels within your body—and the penis—to constrict. Due to this, it may become difficult to obtain or maintain an erection. Unfortunately, the added stress increases stress hormones, so it can become even more difficult to become erect.

Beyond psychological reasons, there are several physical reasons that erectile dysfunction may exist. Typically, it is caused by issues with the nerves or circulation.

Vascular issues can cause decreased blood flow to reach the penis. In 70 percent of erectile dysfunction cases caused by a physical reason, the culprit is the vascular organs. Without enough blood flow to reach the penis, the cavernous tissues cannot become erect.

Heart and vascular disease may occur due to high blood pressure, lifestyle factors, high cholesterol, obesity or hardening of the arteries. It may also be due kidney disease or a venous leak.

Men who have recently had an operation may end up suffering from erectile dysfunction. After surgery for prostate or bladder cancer, some of the treatments may lead to nerve or tissue damage.

Normally, this damage will heal within six months to one year. Any surgery that is performed in the pelvic area can lead to erectile dysfunction. Additionally, some drugs like antidepressants, nicotine, chemotherapy, muscle relaxants and NSAIDs can cause erectile dysfunction. Altogether, there are more than 200 prescription drugs that list erectile dysfunction as a side effect.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction that is caused by psychological issues can be treated using talk therapy. A licensed therapist can help to reduce stress surrounding money, work or relationships. Even in psychologically-caused erectile dysfunction, men can benefit from treatments like penis extenders. By increasing the size and endurance of the penis, it can help to build self-esteem.

Most men have heard of drugs like Levitra and Viagra. These drugs can help with erectile dysfunction, but can only be given by a doctor. Also, they only work for a certain period and must be taken before engaging in sexual activities. Beyond these drawbacks, prescription medications can lead to side effects like headaches, vision issues, flushing and muscle problems. If you have a heart condition that is causing your erectile dysfunction, these medications can even lead to a heart attack.

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Penis Extenders

One of the most effective treatment options for erectile dysfunction is the penis extender. By using products like SizeGenetics, men can increase the size of their penis. It helps to ease problems associated with erectile dysfunction. For psychological cases of ED, SizeGenetics can help to provide the boost of confidence necessary to get over bedroom issues.

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A penis pump essentially works by causing the penis to extend and become erect. Some ring is used to keep the blood from flowing out of the penis. Men should follow the directions that arrive with the pump to make sure that they are using it correctly. As a treatment, penis extenders are extremely safe.

They can still cause irritation or side effects if they are not used according to directions. If you are worried about having issues, buy a pump like SizeGenetics.

Their system offers a 58 Way comfort system and extra padding so that you can be comfortable.

Some health insurance policies will cover the cost of extenders like SizeGenetics. This is because penis extenders are a scientifically proven, safe way to reduce issues with erectile dysfunction. With a penis pump, you do not have to worry about side effects that you would normally have to ED medications. Even better, you do not have to purchase your treatment continuously.

Unlike talk therapy or medication, SizeGenetics is yours once it arrives at your door. You can use it every day without any issues and enjoy a boost in sexual satisfaction. Erectile dysfunction does not have to be the end of your sex life.

Through pumping, you can reduce issues associated with erectile dysfunction and enjoy having longer stronger sexual encounters.