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SIZEGENETICS Review: My Experience in SEARCHING for an Extender

People say that SIZE doesn’t matter- It’s HOW you use it!

From my personal experience, I disagree. If you rounded up and were incredibly generous, I measured a total of four inches. When someone says that penis size does not matter, they mean that having a 10-inch penis is not necessary.

Being too small can be an issue. For a long time, I put up with it and did not bother with any changes. Before long, I could not let things remain the same way that they were.sizegenetics-ultimate-and-complete-extension-system

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My Problem

Most men who turn to penis enlargement devices do so because they want to get a girlfriend. I never really had that issue. I dated my high school sweetheart, and we married soon after high school.

For me, an increase in penis size was not for getting dates or sleeping around. I just wanted to regain confidence in the bedroom and leave my wife satisfied.

My wife is a beautiful woman and never brought up the size or bedroom issues. Even though she never told me that it was a problem, it is easy to see when someone is faking it. I used other techniques to bring her to orgasm, but it was not the same.

What I wanted was the ability to pleasure my wife during sex instead of after.

Over time, my problems in the bedroom began to extend to other parts of my life. My self-esteem dropped, and I had problems being confident enough even to give a speech at work. It may seem ridiculous to anyone who has not lived through it, but it’s true.

Without the confidence I needed in what part of my life, I felt like a failure in other areas. My lack of confidence during sex made me more suspicious outside of the bedroom.

It seemed impossible to me that my wife would not want to be with someone else or have an affair with someone better in bed. My suspicions were completely unfounded, but it did not matter. Jealousy, suspicions and a lack of confidence in the bedroom were starting to cause problems in my relationship.

It took over a year for me to finally figure out the source of my problems. My antagonism in my marriage, the troubles at work and lack of confidence were all caused by the fact that I was not happy with my body. At this point, I realised that it was time for me to take a step toward improving my life.

It was time to get a penis pump…

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Scouring the Web

Anyone who has ever tried to research “penis pumps” on the Internet knows how much junk appears.

From our inboxes to advertisements on the television, useless information about penis pumps is everywhere. It took me several hours to finally narrow down a list of possible products to just a handful of options.

Finally, I decided to select SizeGenetics. Other than my general desire for enhancement, I wanted SizeGenetics because of it a class I medical device and is CE certified in Europe. If I was going to spend time and money on a particular device, it needed to be a good one.

Out of all the devices, I looked at, SizeGenetics reviews were the only ones that stood out.

Using SizeGenetics

My immediate response to looking at the package was confusion. SizeGenetics goes above and beyond to make the package look discreet, so I did not realize what it was until I opened. Afterward, I sat down to look through the instruction manual.

Although the device is extremely straightforward, it is worthwhile to look through the instructions first. The writers at SizeGenetics made sure to include tips for the maximum improvements in size and comfort.

Take a look at the video below to understand how the system works:

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One of the nice things about using SizeGenetics is the fact that there are 58 Ways to use the comfort straps. This makes it extremely easy to use, and it is easy enough to change up how you are using it. If you wear it the same way every day, changing the straps around can make it easier on the skin on your foreskin and glans.

For me, this was extremely important. I did not want to tell my wife at first that I was using a penis pump. If it did not work, I did not want the embarrassment of her knowing that I spent my money on it. By changing up the straps, it ensured that there were no visible signs that I had been using it. Since it was comfortable enough to wear at any time, I could easily use it while my wife was even in the room.

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Results and the Big Reveal

About two months into using SizeGenetics, my wife found the pump. After the initial confusion, I explained to her what it was. Apparently, she had noticed over the last few months a change in my outlook and sexual abilities.

Instead of telling me to stop, she encouraged me to keep using it. She had enjoyed the difference in me and wanted me to continue. With her blessing, I kept it up.

By six months of use, I had gained almost two inches. I was no longer reticent in the bedroom. Over the last few months, our sex life has taken on an entirely new life. It is like we are teenagers again and just discovering sex.

Beyond just enjoying the improvement in my size and sexual performance, my wife has said that she notices the difference in how I carry myself. I can feel it, too. When I have to stand up in front of a group or ask my boss for a raise, I feel more confident.

Now that I know that my wife is satisfied, I do not worry about her leaving me for someone else. This has allowed the tension and stress to leave our relationship.

If you are looking for a way to improve your sexual prowess and life, I would highly recommend using a penis pump.

Take a look at what other users had to say about using SizeGenetics

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SizeGenetics has helped me to make the changes that I needed in life. Although I do not use it as often now, I still make sure to use it two to three times a week to ensure that I keep all of the size that I’ve gained.

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