These Girls Are No Strangers In The Bedroom

These days it’s pretty difficult to find a girl that’s good at everything. Many girls out there are quite reserved, and will keep their special sex skills to themselves until it really comes down to it.

But not these next girls. Each one of these were born with special sexual talent, and aren’t afraid to let us know what they’ve mastered.

10. The Thigh Master

Almost every guy loves a woman who can physically handle herself. Our first girl claims that has strong thighs, definitely a bonus when she’s having sex with a guy. She also added “They love it when I get on top, because I’m strong enough to bounce myself up and down without him breaking a sweat… yet another reason to hit the gym!”

9. Knot Someone To Let Go

If there is anyone who’s had a girlfriend who loves to be dominant, it’s me. But as men we can appreciate this kind of woman. “My sex skills is my ability to tie all kinds of knots… Of course, not all the guys are into bondage.. but for the ones who are.. less just say they’re always impressed with my knot tying ability. Who knew girls Scouts could be so useful?”

8. Ready Whenever, Wherever

This next girl claims that she’s always ready to get ‘down and dirty’. “Theres something about surprising him in public, and that gets me off!. To get started when he least expects it. You can simply start off with a little tease before working our way into full blown sex extravaganza; in a parking lot, changing room, or under the table at a restaurant”

7. Getting Down At Going Down

This next girl claims to be the best at fellatio. “Guys know me as the Queen of oral. When I go down on a guy, he’s in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It doesn’t matter who I go down on, when I pull my face up, he tells me how that was the best thing that’s ever happened to him.”

6. She Keeps Going… And Going…

Been able to last a long time whilst trying different positions is definitely a big factor amongst some. One girls says, “My skill is definitely stamina. Some girls get tired and sore after an hour, but I just want to keep on going, and going and… well, you get the picture. Some of my boyfriends have been quite impressed, I’m definitely no stranger to a sex marathon.”

5. Any Size And Shape

No matter what size you are, this girl is for you. This girl believes that her vagina was made for all. “Well, it’s kind of embarrassing, but I guess my sex skill is to be able to take any and all sizes. I have no idea how I do it,  I’ve read somewhere that the female vagina can only expand to 7 inches, but I can go much deeper if you what I mean..”

4. Kama Sutra Queen

If you’re lucky enough to find a girl who has studied ancient art she’s definitely a keeper. This girl says, “I’ve studied the Kama Sutra extensively,  I probably know every single position in that book and super proud of it too. Going out with me will be super fun because you’ll be lucky to be introduced to every single one of those positions until you find your favourite.”

3. Bonus Points For Being A Gymnast

The Kama Sutra will definitely help this young woman, as this girl claims she’s the most flexible bedroom partner. “My sex skill is that I’m extremely flexible, and so grateful that I spent all those years doing gymnastics as a young girl, guess it was all training regime to make guys ‘wildest most exotic’ dreams come true! I can probably get into any position imaginable”

2. No More One And Done

For most guys, it’s always slightly disappointing when she’s done after one session. But not for this girl whose recovery speed is very high after the first orgasm.”I’m immediately ready to go again. My body doesn’t get worn out like some. If a guy is up to it, I can go three or four times in one night.”

1. Gotta Get Rid Of The Gag Reflex

Our final girl has nothing more to say.”This is actually something I had to work on for so many years,” says the girl who can deep throat almost anything. “I wasn’t born with gag reflex or anything, but after years years of practising, I can now successfully take guys super deep when I give oral. And of course guys love it!”

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