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GYNEXIN Review: Man Boob Reduction – Scam??

Gynexin is a great product on the market because it directly targets a real issue: Man boobs. It should be put bluntly. It’s embarrassing and true. Just about any
prescription medication, cause a condition called gynecomastia.gynexin1

This is when the mammary glands in a man begin to grow into breasts, sometimes enormous and provocative breasts. One can understand how this can be highly uncomfortable for a man.

Seeking some solution is natural. The most efficient, but also the most costly is surgery. Cosmetic surgery will completely correct the issue. A supplement called Gynexin might hold the answers to the problem.

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The First Solution

The first solution and the most effective above all is cosmetic surgery to remove the mammary glands, surrounding fatty tissue, developed breast tissue, and extra skin.

This is quite costly and not an available option for most since it is not considered a medical necessity and therefore not covered by insurance.

Though this condition is highly damaging psychologically, it is not physically harmful or fatal as yet determined. Solutions on the high end like this will not work for the rest of us. We need an affordable option. One is Gynexin.

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Why should Gynexin Work?

This supplement may not work. It may not work for certain people. Some people cannot use quinine to cure malaria. This is just the way it goes. Here is a product which features some unusual ingredients to combat the causes of breast growth in men.

It doesn’t cover all the bases because that would truthfully take many different products. The truth of the matter is, oestrogen is responsible and so is the metabolism of testosterone into oestrogen.


Gynexin directly addresses these issues. First of all, testosterone in the body, when it is free in the blood, can easily be converted to oestrogen and it is normal for a certain percentage of it to do so. Often, the balance gets tipped, and way more oestrogen is created.

Here is a situation which becomes even more complicated because the oestrogen blocks the release of testosterone and can even stop it from being made properly. This formula contains ingredients which interrupt this process and drop oestrogen down.

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The ingredients in Gynexin may surprise you, a lot of them you’ve never heard of and some of them you’ll be very familiar with. Leading scientists and herbalists have discovered that the properties of each ingredient work in conjunction with each other, which is why the pill has been proven to reduce the effects of gynecomastia in 99% of cases. What a result!!

The ingredients found in Gynexin are:

Chromium Picolinate: This is a combination of chromium and picolinate acid and is often used by athletes and people pursuing a healthier lifestyle or a body transformation.
The chromium levels in a body can reflect a body’s metabolism. Therefore, the more balance there is in your chromium level, the healthier your metabolism is. Which will ultimately result in fighting the fatty tissues in your body.

Guggulsterones: Sounds amusing? It’s a far-reaching ingredient which possesses many benefits for the human body, including the regulation of cholesterol levels and it’s properties as an anti-inflammatory.

Theobromine Cacao: This ingredient is an alkaloid, quite similar to caffeine, and its health benefits are excellent. The ingredient is commonly found in the cacao plant, generally used in the making of chocolate and while it’s effect is very similar to caffeine; it’s not as potent nor as addictive. It also works to stimulate the heart, dilates blood cells and lowers one’s blood pressure.

Green Tea Extract: The health benefits of Green Tea that are being discovered through research are never ending. There are indications that Green Tea can decrease the risk of some cancers and heart disease and the anti-oxidants found in the ingredient help blood platelets from sticking and lower cholesterol.

Caffeine: Most people are aware of the stimulation powers that come from having a cup of coffee on a morning. That stimulation comes from the caffeine which is found in coffee. However, people may not be aware of the other benefits of caffeine. The ingredient is also ergogenic; a product which allows an individual to help physically or mentally.

Sclareolides – a biennial herb which helps increase testosterone levels and decrease oestrogen levels. This ingredient is often used in slimming and skin-firming products to shrink fat cells.


Radical Ingredients in Gynexingynexin-ingredients

There are hundreds of products just like this, but this one takes on the issue of metabolic boosting and fat reduction head on, and it directly targets oestrogen reduction and testosterone boosting.

One of the ingredients in Gynexin is the Sclareolides. These are potent inhibitors of the aromatase enzyme which converts testosterone into oestrogen directly in the tissues such as the mammary glands. Immediately, breast tissue begins to grow.

These beautiful compounds from nature, along with the green tea and theobromine, switch the oestrogen gears back to the testosterone gears.

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How to use Gynexin?

Using Gynexin is very simple since the instructions are clearly printed on the label. You just need to take two capsules a day. Take one before breakfast or lunch, and then another before dinner.

Make sure you accompany each capsule with a large glass of water and drink water every 2 hours during the day. The herbal ingredients in the capsules will have to be hydrated into your system so that they can provide the best results.

The manufacturer also recommends that you take their product Korexin, which works with Gynexin. While Gynexin only works on the breast tissue, Korexin will reduce the fatty deposits that are contributing to the breast enlargement.http://gynoguide.com/gynexin-review/

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Many men who wish to lose their man boobs decide not to undergo plastic surgery and opt to use natural means. One of the mainstream man boobs treatment options on the market today is the Gynexin man boobs reduction pill.

Gynexin works by targeting the fat cells in the male chest area and reducing them naturally. It has visible results within a month or so, but optimal results take a little longer, depending on how much excess fat you may have in your chest. This has excellent results, but before you start taking it you should be aware of not only its advantages but also it disadvantages.


1. Gynexin is easy to use. It only requires you to take pills three times a day

2. Using Gynexin is painless.

3. It has no reported side effects because it is made of 100% natural ingredients

4. When you use Gynexin, you don’t need to undergo surgery or to go on a special diet.


1. Has to be ordered by online, so you will have to wait for it a while to get to you before you can begin. It usually takes 3-10 days to get to your house.

2. Does not build pectoral muscles, only burns off excess chest fat.

Weigh up the pros and cons of Gynexin before you decide on any treatment to get rid of your man boobs. These pills have worked for many men and may very well be your ticket out of having those embarrassing man boobs.http://EzineArticles.com/667614

Is Gynexin Cost Worth it?

The simple answer to whether this product is worth a try or not is just simply yes. Unless, of course, you enjoy having breasts as a man and some men do. Please understand that this is perfectly fine and there is no ill intention toward this choice, but the following information is intended for men who do not want to have female breasts but do.

Honestly, you are looking at the cost of about $75 per month after shipping costs. Consider this: This is going to take six months to even nine months to achieve complete results. Jumping straight to a five-month pack deal of Gynexin will save you over $100 in the long run.


Sure, start with a month and see if anything feels or looks improved. Then, just commit. Considering the ingredient quality and the medical alternative, it is worth every penny to dive in.

Getting rid of man boobs would easily be worth huge dollars if a man had it to spend. This is the truth which can be trusted. Gynexin has a good reputation among the testimonials and is worth checking out.


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