THIS Is What Happened When I Used PENOMET – An Honest Review

I HATE virgin jokes. At the age of 20, I had still not had sex!

I had played on sports teams, been in the locker room and seen porn. I know what an average penis size is, and I also know that I did not live up to it. One day, the jokes about being a virgin finally got to me.penomet-300x274

I could not stand another minute of being the butt of all the jokes in my group of friends. Without thinking about it, I went out and purchased my first penis pump. The pump was cheap and broke before I had even finished a week of using it.

After that, I gave up on pumps and figured I would try pills or another technique.

The next month was wasted by my stupidity. I did not have impotence—although I occasionally had problems after drinking—and the pills were only meant to help get hard. They did nothing for my size.

After considering my dilemma some more, I finally decided that I would try penis pumps again. This time, I would make sure to do my research.

It took a few more days to look up each pump. Unwilling to trust advertised effects, I looked into the user recommendations and reviews. Just in case, I also checked out each company’s money back guarantee policy.

In my research, the only company that offered a money back guarantee for 60 days was Penomet. Excited, I started to look into user reviews. It only took ten more minutes before I was hooked.

I had found a device that would work for me.

PENOMET Pump Review: BIGGER Penis In Just 8 Minutes A Day

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In the first day of use, I immediately saw gains. Like other users, these temporary gains

disappeared because it takes longer to develop long-term size increases. With this in mind, I started using Penomet every single day for at least 15 minutes.

It took only a couple of weeks for me to start noticing the difference. At the three month mark, I was up to a one-inch increase in size and a thicker penis. Not only was my size larger, but I also had a much higher libido. Even if I had wanted to remain shy, I would never have been able to resist the urge to talk to the single women around me. It was time to finally end my 20 years of virginity.

Fast forward three months and I am two inches longer than I started and about 15 percent wider in circumference. I have gone past just losing my virginity and have started casually dating several girls.

Although I have not found the right girl for me, the THREE that I am currently seeing off and on are more than enough company.

How the Process Worked

Basically, I sent in my order for the Penomet pump on-line. I paid and sat back patiently for it to arrive. I expected it to take a few weeks, but it arrived just a week later.

Much to my relief, the box was just plain brown and did not contain any signs of what was inside. Opening the box, I found all of the pieces I needed and the Gaiter system.

From the moment I started pumping, I was impressed. I know you are supposed to stick with the purple gaiter for a bit, but I wanted to try out the other pressure levels. The power and pressure surpassed my expectations. Each part of the device showed an attention to detail and quality. The machine did not leak or ever lose vacuum suction. Also, the cylinder did not even leak any water or become loosened.

Although many of the penis reviews I read and my early penis pump experience talk about scrotal suck back or seal problems, I never have an issue with Penomet. This cylinder just never leaks.

It is essentially air tight and only a couple of compressions are needed to get the vacuum pressure up. If the pressure is too much, I can easily lower the vacuum session.

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The Effects

Now that I have months of using Penomet under my belt, I can personally attest to many of the features. It certainly managed to increase the length and girth of my penis. When I change at the gym now, I do not have to feel uncomfortable stripping out of my sweats and into my work clothes.

More than just feeling comfortable around other guys, I actually feel more comfortable around women. I never have to worry about how I will look naked. Each time I have sex, it seems like I am becoming exponentially better in bed. Part of this is due to more experience, but a lot of it is because I just have more to work with now.

I keep getting calls from the first couple of girls I slept with. Although they are not even close to my idea of the right girl, I enjoy the attention and can use it to deflect any of the old virgin jokes. Using the Penomet before having sex made it so I lasted until my partner orgasmed as well. Unlike most guys who ejaculate early during sex, I lasted until after she orgasmed.

Lasting longer in bed and a larger size have done a lot to boost my ego. Now, I feel completely comfortable and confident walking up to girls and asking them out. I don’t have to worry about getting naked in front of any girl I bring home.

This new confidence has been great for other parts of my life. I feel more confident with my friends and at my workplace.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with Penomet and would recommend it to anyone who wants a penis pump. The quality is great and the results are more than I had ever hoped for. If you want to solve impotence, improve sexual stamina and increase your penis size, the Penomet is the right device to use. I still use it each day because it works.

Although I have already reached my goal size, I am going to continue to use it and find out where Penomet can take me.


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