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Do Penis Extenders Fit All Sizes?

The majority of penis extenders do fit all sizes. At one point there were devices where one size fitted all, but how is that possible when penises come in different forms and sizes?

Only a few of the best companies within the penis industry came up with adjustable parts for the devices.

If you take a look at SizeGenetics, you will know that they have 58 ways in ensuring that your penis is comfortable whenever when wearing it. They had also implemented a silicon add on as well having a comfortable strap. This helps to reduce the penis from slipping and then allows the traction to be spread out over a larger surface area.


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Penis extenders are more comfortable nowadays to account for the varied penis shapes and sizes and the sensitivity of some penises. You might also notice that the protection pad that comes with it increase comfort in conjunction with the silicon noose. In addition to this, it also appears that SizeGenetics also includes a fabric covered latex head grip for reducing chafing between the thighs, and a non-slip protect matt strip will help from the prevention of slipping. The rest of the penis devices only boast around 16 different ways.

Another breakthrough withing penis extenders are the Multi Directional Angling or MDA, which will help you to wear the device if you suffer from a bent penis also known as penis curvature. Therefore, it is best to take a look at SizeGenetics and consider that it already offers this remarkable technology.

Men all over can now find that answer they have been looking. You can achieve great results in enlarging your penis, strengthening your penis, and straightening your penis by consuming a device like SizeGenetics.


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