PENOMET Pump Review: BIGGER Penis In Just 8 Minutes A Day

It goes above and BEYOND industry standards to be the safest and MOST EFFECTIVE device available!

For men everywhere, Penomet is the proven way to increase penis size and girth. This system was created after listening to the advice and feedback of thousands of different individuals. It uses a water-assisted pump to increase penis size. With regular use, men can get the results that they need

Compared to other products on the market, the Penomet offers an impressive number of certifications. penomet-5

What Exactly Is Penomet?

Penomet uses an innovative program called the Gaiter System and a water-assisted pump to increase penis size and girth. The Gaiter System is designed out of interchangeable gaiters of different sizes.

As men progress through the program, they can use scalable gaiters for more results. Each gaiter is designed in a different color so that it is easy to separate the different options. To use the system, men just have to spend 8 minutes a day using the pump. According to the website, Penomet can add three inches to penis length and an additional 30% in circumference.

For Penomet to work at its best, men should make sure that they use water. As the conventional air vacuum pumps pressurize air and expand, the water helps to ease the process and ensure that the penis has a uniform increase in size.

Water ensures that the volume and pressure are equal throughout the device.

A non-return valve is located at the end of the device so that pressure remains equal as the pump expands. Altogether, there are five different gaiters that allow users to gradually increase the amount of pressure within the device.

Compared to devices with just one gaiter option, men can see improvements up to 65% faster.

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Steps For Using the Device

It only takes a minute to prepare and put on the device. To start with, men need to select one of the gaiters. The purple 60 gaiter is the best option for first-time users.

Afterward, the gaiter must be attached to the cylinder before the Penomet is slipped over the penis. At this point, men should be in the bath tub or shower. The Penomet should be pumped a couple of times so that the Penomet can create pressure.

For the next 8 to 15 minutes, men can relax and allow the Penomet to work. Every few minutes, they should pump it again so that the pressure remains strong.

Watch the video below for instructions on how to use Penomet:

Once men are done using the Penomet, they should press the valve that is located on the end of the cylinder. This will release the pressure and allow the Penomet to be improved.

As men use the Penomet over a period of weeks, they can switch to other gaiters that offer stronger pressure.

Safe and Versatile

When looking at a penis pump, most men just look for size increases. Unfortunately, there are many devices that can be dangerous to use. With Penomet, men do not have to worry about any side effects. Each piece in the device has been manufactured to reach the highest quality control standards.
After years in the industry, the makers of Penomet have managed to design a pump that has the best level of precision and comfort.

Also, Penomet offers an unmatched level of versatility. It can be used while taking a bath or a shower. If men want to just use it in their bedroom, they can always use the conventional pump.

This AquaPressure system is made to ensure that the vacuum pressure is kept at a stable level. Each component is thoroughly tested to ensure the best versatility and safety.

Certified Safe and Effective

Fly-by-night companies do not have the time or experience necessary to have their device certified as safe. In comparison, Penomet offers an impressive list of certifications and industry recognitions. Currently, Penomet is the only penis pump available that has a CE Marking Certification.

This means that Penomet is produced in compliance with all of the requirements of the European Union Legislation. For European customers, this means that any shipment of a Penomet will not be held up by the customs office.

In addition to CE marking, Penomet also boasts of an ISO certification. The

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a group that makes sure that each product manufactured or service is consistent, high quality and safe.

Penomet possesses an ISO 900:2008 designation for quality and an ISO 13485:2003 certification for medical device standards. It also possesses an SGS certification. This last certification means that the Penomet is listed as a RoHS Class 1 Product according to the United States and the European Union silicone laws. For consumers, this means that Penomet is free of the toxins and chemicals contained in inferior products.

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Increased Self-Confidence and Sexual Performance

Like most penis pumps, Penomet advertises that it can increase a man’s sexual performance and confidence. Unlike competitors, Penomet follows through on this statement. Men who are uncomfortable with their size may lack confidence in talking to women or having sex. Besides, size does matter in the bedroom.

Although men do not have to have a Hulk-sized penis, they have to be endowed enough for their partner’s pleasure. Gaining in size and girth can result in better sex and better orgasms for both partners.

Also, Penomet can help reduce or eliminate premature ejaculation. With more to be confident about and a better sexual performance, men can enjoy the resulting increase in self-confidence.8d43fd_57eb53aff3bc483097eeacea9cfbe2af

Over time, the Penomet can help to increase sexual stamina. Men can go for longer without orgasming and recover faster after sex. Since most women take twice as long or longer to orgasm than the average man, the better stamina ensures that men can fully satisfy their partner’s desires.

Decrease Sexual Impotence

An estimated 85 percent of men will have to deal with sexual impotence at some point in their lives. Other than Viagra commercials, few people talk openly about being unable to perform.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can be debilitating for a man’s confidence and sex life. It typically occurs in middle-aged men, but can affect younger and older men as well. Currently, there are two other ways to treat impotence.

Some medications treat ED, but they do not provide long-lasting support. For the medication to work, men have to take a pill before they plan on having sex. This mostly takes away a man’s ability to have random, surprise sex.

Besides, heart problems and strokes are listed as side effects of using these medications.

The other technique for treating ED and impotence is to use surgery. With this technique, the man has to use a device to pump up the surgical implant and penis before sex.

Without using the pump, he will not be able to become hard. Surgical techniques carry numerous health risks and are also extremely inconvenient for the man.

Instead of these previous methods, men need something that can ensure that they can become erect whenever and wherever they want.

With Penomet, men can reduce or eliminate sexual impotence.

Unlike the other techniques, men will be able to have sex at a moment’s notice when they use Penomet.

Fixing a Bent Penis

Over time, scar tissue can start to form within the penis. As the scar tissue increases, it can cause the penis to bend a certain way. This medical condition can occasionally resolve on its own if men are willing to wait for a few years or longer.

Unfortunately, only 5 to 20 percent of the men with this condition have their penises straighten out in the end. Men who do not want to wait and hope for recovery still have options

With Penomet, men can straighten out the curvature of the penis. Since a bent penis can be painful, this straightening process can help men experience less pain and a longer penis.

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Increases in Length and Girth

Most men choose to use a penis pump for the obvious reason: to have a longer and thicker penis. When it comes to size, Penomet is

This device can add up to three inches to man’s length. It can even increase the girth of the penis by 30%. To see these results the fastest, men should use the Penomet each day for 8 to 20 minutes.

At the very least, they should make sure to use this device for a minimum of three times each week. After several weeks of using Penomet, men will start to see impressive results. Once a month or two has passed, they will be able to achieve the three inch gain that they want and a thicker, fatter penis.

Quality Construction and Attention to the Details

One of the main reasons that people choose Penomet is because of the extremely high quality of the design.

Each cylinder is constructed out of the best polycarbonate plastics. This type of plastic is almost unbreakable and is the toughest type of plastic that has ever been invented. The gaiter portion of the device is made of silicon instead of plastic.

To ensure that the gaiters are at their best, Penomet has ensured that only the best medical-grade silicon is used. Every cylinder arrives with the inches/centimeter size imprinted on the plastic. The devices are also thoroughly checked to ensure that the 360-degree valve for pressure release is functioning perfectly.

Warranties and Guarantees

Buying a product on-line can be a stressful experience. Customers never know if they are getting exactly what they want or if the product will work correctly. Due to this, Penomet offers a 365-day warranty and a money back guarantee. Men have up to 60 days to return the Penomet with no questions asked. If the device is not exactly what they were looking for, they can always get the money and shipping costs back. According to the website, Penomet is the only penis pump that offers a full 60-day guarantee.

Customer Service and Shipping

For European-based customers, the CE Marking designation means that the packages are never held up in customs. Penomet ships all of their orders out within hours or two days of purchase.

Due to this, the device arrives impressively fast. If individuals want updates on their orders, they can always call the customer support desk for help. Each order shipped by Penomet is sent in a plain package. For men worried about nosy neighbors, this means that the package is completely undetectable. No one will know what is inside until the box is opened.

When it comes to customer service, Penomet goes above and beyond what is necessary. They are non-judgmental and willing to answer any questions that users may have. The staff members are available at all times of the day to answer any and all questions.

If men do have awkward questions about the product,  they do not have to be afraid to ask.

Over the years, the customer support team has heard a wide range of questions. Even the strangest customer questions have been asked thousands of time and answered.

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THIS Is What Happened When I Used PENOMET - An Honest Review


This device is truly one-of-a-kind. Although there are other penis pumps that work well, this one is the only penis pump that offers the customized Gaiter System.

Men can increase the amount of pressure over time by switching the gaiters out. Although the purple gaiter is the best for beginning users, it can be switched out over time.

The Penomet website even offers suggestions for different workout programs using the gaiters. When it comes to innovative products, the team at Penomet has met and exceeded expectations.

Best of all, this device is completely safe and easy to use. It is comfortable to slip over the shaft, and the pressure can be reduced when it reaches too high of a level. Also, the Penomet offers an impressive level of versatility. Men can enjoy using their Penomet in the bath tub, shower or open air.

No matter what, the experience and comfort level will be the same.


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