Peyronie’s Disease and SizeGenetics: Treatment is Possible

If The Penis Becomes TOO Curved, It Can Even PREVENT The Man From Having Sexual Intercourse At All!

Although most men purchase penis enlargement devices like SizeGenetics to increase the size of their penis, there are other uses for penis enlargement devices. In particular, men who suffer from Peyronie’s Disease may need to use a penis enlargement device to straighten out the penis.sizegenetics-ultimate-and-complete-extension-system

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What Is Peyronie’s Disease?

With Peyronie’s Disease, men basically develop a slight or serious curvature in the penis. For most men, this does not result in any pain and generally does not effect sexual performance.

On occasion, some men may experience serious levels of pain because the bend in the
penis becomes even more curved. Over time, this can serious limit sexual activity or ability. This type of injury may occur because the penis has been injured in an accident or during sex.

In other instances, the cause of Peyronie’s Disease is completely unknown.

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Basically, a mild trauma or other accident may trigger inflammation within a portion of the penis shaft. This triggers the body to form scar tissue. As the scar tissue or unusual lumps form within a part of the penis, it causes the penis to bend.

Unfortunately, the bending of the penis can also cause the penis to be or appear shorter. It can shorten the penis because the scar tissue stops the penis from expanding correctly.

Is it Necessary to Get Help?

Some men may have a slight curvature or bend in their penis and never need any help. For other men, getting a firm erection may be difficult with Peyronie’s. One out of three men with Peyronie’s may also have scar tissue form in other parts of the body. In these cases, it may be wise to get help.

Any time that Peyronie’s Disease limits sexual activity, causes pain or results in erectile dysfunction, it would be wise to seek professional help or try out a treatment option.

Recognizing the Symptoms

Before you rush out to buy the latest version of SizeGenetics, you should probably see if you actually have Peyronie’s Disease. According to medical research, an estimated half of men who develop this disease will notice pain during sex. This pain may suddenly develop or gradually appear over time. Likewise, the penis may start to curve in one direction much worse over time.

On occasion, Peyronie’s Disease develops due to a physical trauma. When this is the case, the man will most likely be able to recall the sudden trauma. The man may have suddenly lost his erection, heard a snap, felt pain or saw a bruise on his penis.

How Long Will This Last?

The duration of Peyronie’s Disease depends on how it was caused and when it started. If the man had a curved penis from birth or long-term scarring, the issue will not be corrected on its own.

Only surgery or a penis device like SizeGenetics could help the curvature go away. In cases where men develop Peyronie’s as an adult, many of the cases will go away over time. Without treatment, one out of three of adult Peyronie’s cases will recover on their own. In the remaining two out of three men, the scarring will remain as a permanent, worsening condition.

Prevention and Treatment

Currently, doctors do not know how to prevent Peyronie’s Disease from occurring. There are some lifestyle factors that make someone statistically more likely to develop this disease. In general, middle-aged men are the most likely age group to develop a curved penis. They are also more likely to get Peyronie’s Disease f the practice extremely vigorous, frequent sexual intercourse.

Once someone has Peyronie’s there are only a few treatment options available. Men who suffer from curved penises can try oral therapies like Vitamin E, medication like Collagenase or surgery.

The most effective drugs for Peyronie’s include Verapamil, Interferon alpha-2b, and collagenase. These medications are intended to break down the scar tissue in the penis following the injection.

Although some doctors still believe in using these medications, their use and effectiveness have remained controversial.

Other than using medication or risky surgical procedures, there are other options for men who have Peyronie’s Disease. With a device like SizeGenetics, men can straighten out their penis over time.

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Since SizeGenetics was first sold nearly two decades ago, it has helped thousands of men to straighten out their penises without anyone ever knowing.

It is comfortable enough to wear underneath a pair of jeans or to throw on before running errands. Unlike surgical procedures, it carries very minimal risks and much lower costs. In addition, it allows men to carry on with their normal lives without having to take time off for a surgery.

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Will Penis Enlargement Devices Actually Help?

The basic answer is YES. A penis enlargement device like SizeGenetics will help you to work out bent or curved portions of your penis. In addition to straightening out your penis, it will also help you to become longer and thicker than you were before.

Since most men do not want to advertise that they have Peyronie’s Disease, the packaging is extremely discreet. Unless you tell someone, no one will ever know that you purchased a penis enlargement device.

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Why SizeGenetics?

The number one reason why men use SizeGenetics is because it is the best for customer service, discreet shipping and product quality. With SizeGenetics, men can ensure that they are getting a medically-certified device that is completely safe to use. In addition,

SizeGenetics offers a 58-way comfort strap so that men can have the highest level of comfort as they use the device. It also makes it simple to adjust the size of the device so that you can have the right fit as your penis increases in length.

Men with Peyronie’s Disease do not have to spend a lifetime suffering from a curved or bent penis. Instead of being sidelined in the bedroom, you can seek treatment and straighten your penis out.

Through penis enlargement devices and similar items, you can begin to return your body to the way it should be.

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