PHALLOSAN Forte: NONE Of Your Friends Will EVER Know!

Unless men are in skinny jeans, the Phallosan will NOT be noticeable at ALL!

Each package that contains Phallosan Forte is extremely discreet. Within the outer box, an inner box is placed that contains the device. This allows users to receive the package without having to worry about anyone else seeing the contents. Within the kit, users will find a measuring tool.

This tool is used to figure out which suction bell size fits the user best. Every kit contains three different suction bells that are attached to sleeve condoms.phallosan-forte-review1-300x240-1

These bells come in small, medium and large sizes. Also, the kits have a protector cap for the penis glans and a suction ball that has a three-way valve. This valve is used to remove any air that is in the suction belt.

In addition to these different items, the Phallosan kits are also equipped with tension clips. These tension clips have tension springs that help to adjust the intensity of the pressure and use a color-code system similar to traffic lights.

An orthopedic elastic belt is sent with the kit to ensure that the device can remain around the waist. This belt can help increase tension when individuals adjust the belt. In case any of the parts or pieces are confusing, Phallosan sends each device with an Instruction DVD as well as a printed manual.

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PHALLOSAN Forte User Review: Wear It To Sleep, Work, Everywhere For 12Hrs

Customer Service and Discreet Shipments

All of the physical and medical benefits have been well-documented by doctors and customers. In addition to these obvious benefits, customers get discreet service. Unless they tell someone else, none of their friends will ever know that they use a penis enlargement device.

The box and shipping information does not contain any information that demonstrates what is in the box.

If men need help figuring out how the device works or the best way to use it, they can always call the customer service team. Staff members are friendly and knowledgeable about the product. They can answer any embarrassing or awkward questions with a grace that is incredibly refreshing.

Wearing it During the Day

Surprisingly, the Phallosan Forte is extremely comfortable to wear during the day or night.  It fits comfortably under the shirt and is completely hidden from view. Since it is more effective to wear it for longer periods of time, this level of comfort is vital for the device.

PHALLOSAN Forte Review: GROW Your Penis Whilst Sleeping

Overview of Phallosan

Classified as a Medical I device, the Phallosan Forte more than lives up to the promises advertised on the company’s site. It is comfortable to wear and easy to use. For erectile dysfunction, it provides treatment within first few days. Besides, users have reported that the length and girth increases are permanent after three months of continued use. For men who worry about having a smaller penis or a bent penis, this device is excellent at increasing the size and improving the overall shape.

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Other penis pumps are made with cheap and potentially unsafe materials. Unlike their competitors, the Phallosan Forte is equipped with medical grade plastic and high-quality silicone.

The patented design ensures that men never experience any unwanted side effects.

Overall, this device is made to last and has an unprecedented level of success at penis enlargement.

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