PHALLOSAN Forte Review: GROW Your Penis Whilst Sleeping

 After getting accustomed to it, the wearer will no longer notice that they have it on!

Across the globe, Phallosan Forte is the only orthopedic belt system that is patented and boasts of a technologically advanced vacuum protector design. This device can help with penis phallosan-forte-review1-300x240-1enlargement and bent penises.

Over time, it can help men to gain more confidence and enjoy a better quality of life. It is made by a company that has more than ten years of experience in penis enlargement systems.
After years of listening to customer feedback and researching the topic, they have managed to design a system that helps with penis size, length, and straightening. In Europe, the Phallosan Forte has officially listed as a Class I medical device and FDA approved. To prove that it meets every medical requirement, it is designated with a CE symbol.

The Idea Behind Phallosan

Normal muscles are stretched during weight lifting or exercising. As the muscle is stretched, new tissue takes its place and causes the muscle to grow stronger. This same technique is used with Phallosan Forte. The tissue within the penis is stretched gently so that new cells are created.

Unlike their competitors, the makers at Phallosan have managed to design a system that is completely painless. It can be worn for up to ten hours without being inconvenient or painful.

The device can be worn during the night and automatically adjusts for an erection. This system does not ever cause injuries or harm the blood circulation.

To ensure that the device is safe, the makers made sure that it conformed with the EC Council Directive 93/42/EEC. In addition to satisfying other medical standards, it meets all of the European medical requirements and made with biocompatible materials. Unlike competitors, the Phallosan Forte is made out of completely safe materials.

Each piece of the device is built to last and is extremely durable. Users of this device can expect a product that lasts for months or years.

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How it Works

Each device is designed with an adjustable belt tension and a protector cap. The protector cap keeps the foreskin and glans from becoming inflamed or swelling. At the same time, vacuum pressure is applied within the suction bell.

This pressure makes sure that the glans does not slip out and is designed to remain at a comfortable setting. Altogether, this device can be worn for a total of 12 hours a day. Better results are obtained by wearing the device for the maximum amount of time each day.

Click on the video below to take a deeper look at how it all works:

To ensure the safety of each user, the protector cap is made out of ultra-soft silicone. This silicone protects and encloses the foreskin and glans. If the tension is too high, it ensures that the penis is unharmed.

In the first few minutes of use, the wearer may feel and notice the Phallosan forte.

PHALLOSAN Forte Review: GROW Your Penis Whilst Sleeping

Clinical Studies

Modern medicine has figured out how to manipulate the body’s ability to create new cells. When constant stimulation is provided, the body will build cells. A long time ago, this type of cell creation was first used by tribes to lengthen the lips or earlobes.

In surgery, modern people take advantage of the cell creation process whenever they have a skin transplant or breast implants.

Starting in 2004, Phallosan first proved scientifically that their system works. The Phallosan Forte was released the following year and reviewed by top urologists around the globe. Since then, it has been medically studied for its effectiveness with penis curvature and enlargement.

In 2005, Dr. Sohn first carried out a study on the Phallosan with Dr. Hanikel. As a physician and urologists, Dr. Sohn is an expert at sexual behavior and ejaculation problems. Participants in the study were told to use the device for six months. The study showed that participants had longer and wider penises following the clinical trial.

In order to see the entire range of conditions treated by the Phallosan, Dr. Sohn also looked at sexual behavior, potential side effects and ejaculation. Men in the study were at least 20 years old and had a range of different problems.

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Some participants wanted a larger penis, suffered from penile deficiency, IPP, diabetes, had  problems after prostate surgery or had an unusually small penis. The greatest results were experienced by participants who wore it for up to ten hours a day. In general, participants were more sensitive to the pleasurable sensations of sex and enjoyed harder erections. Premature ejaculations were also limited.

Straightening and Enlarging the Penis

Without the side effects and risks of surgeries, men can still enjoy having a longer, straighter penis. As the penis tissue stretches, it stimulates the creation of new cells. As these new cells are formed, it automatically starts to straighten out any curved or bent parts of the penis.

If the Phallosan Forte is worn for a total of three months, the new cell formation becomes permanent. Even if men stop using the device after three months, the size increase will remain.

Without having to use a lot of effort, men can get the larger penis that they want.

PHALLOSAN Forte User Review: Wear It To Sleep, Work, Everywhere For 12Hrs

Penis Hypoplasia

There is a type of condition known as penis hypoplasia. Known colloquially as a small penis, it basically means that a man has a penis that is less that about 4.5 inches when erect. Although a small penis does not have any disadvantages like the micropenis, it can worsen a man’s self-esteem and ability in the bedroom.  This condition can be caused by a genetic predisposition or obesity. When someone is obese, the penis retracts into the folds of fat surrounding it.

No matter what the reason is, penis hypoplasia can be treated. Using the Phallosan Forte system, men can gradually increase the length and thickness of the penis. Like any stretching system, the process has to be used each day for the best results.

Curvature Issues or a Bent Penis

When a penis has a curvature problem, it basically means that it is bent at certain points and is not straight during an erection. This could be genetic or caused by trauma to the tissue. In some men, a bent penis is not an issue. Other cases of a bent penis may cause painful erections or difficulties during sexual intercourse.

In addition to lengthening the penis in size, the Phallosan can also straighten the penis. Surgical straightening has the unwanted side effect of shortening the penis.

With Phallosan, the only side effect is a longer and thicker penis.

Diabetic IPP and Prostate Aftercare

Known as Induratio Penis Plastica (IPP), this condition makes calluses appear on the penis. Although scientists do not know why this condition happens, certain groups of people are more susceptible to it. In particular, diabetics are more likely to develop IPP.

Phallosan can be used as a temporary alternative to surgical treatments. Likewise, many diabetes patients end up suffered from sexual restrictions, limited libido or a more rigid penis. Many of these problems are due to the damage that diabetes does to the circulatory and nerve systems.

Using Phallosan, individuals can speed up the blood circulation in their body and enhance the amount of oxygen that enters the penis. The additional nutrients and circulation can lead to positive results in just a few short days. 

In addition to IPP, this device can be used for prostate aftercare.

A few weeks after the surgery takes place, men can use the device to help oxygenate the erectile tissue and create connective tissue.

If this is not done, the connective tissue that exists will become inelastic and the penis will shrink in size. The device helps to regenerate the erectile tissue and is easy to use post-surgery.

PHALLOSAN Forte: NONE Of Your Friends Will EVER Know!

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Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Although few men take about erectile dysfunction, an estimated 85% of men will experience at some point in their life. In addition, scientific studies have shown that half of the men over 40 occasionally suffer from it.

When it comes to having a steamy sex life, dealing with ED can be unsettling and can result in a loss of confidence. Certain things can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Stress at work, financial problems or private worries can all contribute to ED. Many cases are also caused by physical disorders or medical reasons. Certain medications like beta blockers are known to cause ED. In addition, it can be related to hormone disorders, circulation issues or high blood sugar.

Fortunately, there is a way to treat erectile dysfunction. With Phallosan, the blood flow in the penis is stimulated. This causes blood circulation to increase and helps to flood the tissue with new nutrients and oxygen.

As the blood flow increases, it allows the man to experience more sensitivity and a pleasurable sensation. Over time, arousal and desire will also increase. Within two to three days, men will be able to see visible results.

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