PHALLOSAN Forte: The Most INCREDIBLE Testimonial You’ll EVER Read.

My wife and I had sex WITHOUT any limpness for the first time in at least a YEAR!

Over the last few years, I started noticing that it was harder for me to get up and even harder for me to stay hard. I tried to dismiss these early symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction and pretended that everything was perfectly fine.phallosan-forte-review1-300x240-1

Honestly, what guy wants to tell his doctor that he can’t get it up? Finally, my wife confronted me. After the embarrassing was over with, my ego was a few notches lower, and I finally consented to go to the doctor.

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Why I Chose to Use Phallosan

Apparently, my Erectile Dysfunction was a sign of a larger problem. My doctor was concerned about my health and ran a bunch of bloodwork. Apparently, I was borderline diabetic.

In addition to diabetes—or because of it—I was suffering from cardiovascular problems. Between the two conditions, my blood flow was just not enough to have frequent and lasting erections. This news depressed me, and I immediately considered getting erectile dysfunction medication.

My wife, of course, was more focused on my other medical problems. Considering my heart condition, the doctor told me he would not prescribe medication. Instead, he told me to eat healthily and exercise.

Anyone who has ever tried to cure ED with exercise and diet knows that it works terribly. Even if it starts to work, it can get years to get your body back into its original shape. Since my doctor would not prescribe any ED medication in case it hurt my heart, I had to find something else.

After a lot of searching, I finally found something that worked: The Phallosan Forte device.

After ordering the device on-line, I was pleased to see that it arrived in an entirely discrete package. I pulled out the instruction manual, and it only took a few moments for me to figure out how to use it. Surprisingly, the belt was completely comfortable and easy to adjust. The suction cups came in multiple sizes, so I could switch cups as my penis grew.

PHALLOSAN Forte: The Most INCREDIBLE Testimonial You'll EVER Read.

Comfortable for Day and Night Wear

Once you slide the device on, your penis fits snugly within the bell and cap. The cap protects the tip from too much pressure. Since I was not sure if I wanted to wear the device outside on the first day,  I wore it while I was sleeping.

I put it on before bed and slid on some boxer shorts over it. Even when I was lying down, the belt and the device was still completely comfortable.

I obviously knew I was wearing a device, but there weren’t any noticeable sensations. I could sleep on my side or back perfectly fine and the elastic in the belt kept the tension from pulling away too strongly. Without really noticing the device, I slept for a full eight hours.

When I woke up, a couple of pubic hairs were pulled out. Keeping this in mind, I shaved before wearing it the next night
After wearing it for a couple of nights, I decided to wear it during the daytime. I wore the device under a pair of jeans and it was barely noticeable at all. While cleaning up the house and filling out some paperwork, the Phallosan Forte did not bother me at all.

The only thing I had to do was adjust the valve a couple of times throughout the day so that more air would be pulled out.

Despite the adjustments I made during the day to the tension and pressure, it was completely wearable for daytime usage.

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Ending My Erectile Dysfunction

Within the first week of using Phallosan Forte, my erectile dysfunction problem was already getting better. My wife and I actually had sex without any limpness for the first time in at least a year. In addition to increasing my sexual ability, I have also noticed a marked change in my libido.

My wife is a beautiful woman and I am so happy that I can finally have sex with her again. When I get an erection now, it stays hard. Not only that, but I get erections more frequently.

Other than just my ED, my wife and I have both noticed a rather welcome side effect. My penis is half an inch longer compared to when I started using the device about a month ago. The thickness has increased and even my stamina is starting to improve. Although I wasn’t small in size before, having a larger penis is always a welcome side effect. Not only can I have sex with my wife again, but she is enjoying it more than she ever did before.

PHALLOSAN Forte Review: GROW Your Penis Whilst Sleeping

The Verdict on Phallosan

Overall, I found the Phallosan Forte was extremely easy to apply and simple to use. The directions said that I would have the best results if I wore it for eight to ten hours a day. Since I got it, I have been using it for a minimum of eight hours everyday.

Although I normally wear it in my sleep, I sometimes end up using it during the day. If my wife and I have sex at night instead of during the day, I normally put it on the next day. Since it is so easy to wear under my clothes, it hasn’t really bothered me at all.

For anyone considering Phallosan Forte, I would highly recommend it. The device is made out of excellent materials and is extremely durable. Although it may not be fancy looking, it has a design that works wonders. Best of all, the size results are supposed to be permanent after three months of use.

Although I have not reached my three months yet, I am looking forward to having the results become permanent. I did not initially start doing this just to get a larger and thicker penis, but I am certainly glad that it happened.

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