PHALLOSAN Forte User Review: Wear It To Sleep, Work, Everywhere For 12Hrs

If you’re fed up and tired of listening to all the gimmicks online, and you’re looking for something straightforward and a simple cure for your male enhancement problems, then we suggest you carry on reading…phallosan-forte-review1-300x240

To, the fellow dreamers out there….

There’s only one reason why you’ve landed on this page and one reason only…

You want the truth about Phallosan Forte. That’s right.

You have probably been spending hours upon hours researching and crawling the Internet in the pursuit of solving your problem, and you’ve probably begun to ask yourself if there is a something that could help your problem.

The majority of sites use the expected cliches, and promises about increasing the size of your penis, make you last longer in bed and everything else. But the results are not sufficient enough for you to purchase the product.

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PHALLOSAN Forte Review: GROW Your Penis Whilst Sleeping

Don’t panic, because I’ve been there too.

My name is Joshua Bentley, but almost everyone knows me as ‘Jay,’ and I’ve been suffering from a tidgy penis for quite a while now.

Honestly, I’ve tried them all, and there isn’t a product which I haven’t tried, since I wanted to sort this problem once and for all, and my girlfriend at the time was an eager beaver.

Having said this, I’ve tried pills, ‘special’ vitamins and contraptions of every kind, to answer my difficult problem.

After trying multiple products of all natures, whether it’s in the form of a pill or a funky drink, I was giving up, seeing as my results were not permanent and my penis had grown about half a centimetre only.

Until, I received a text message from a friend about Phallosan…

Due to my years of being a guinea pig, I was very sceptical and did what I did best, which was spend countless numbers of hours researching Phallosan, bearing in mind I had little expectations about it and contemplated the previous bad experiences that I’ve had.

I had spent probably a few grand on these gimmicks that don’t work and deceive everyone.

But I still wished I had the bigger penis. I mean which guy doesn’t? Unless you’re a porn star of course, regardless of how big or small it is they’re still getting more action than me.

So with this cemented notion that one day I will have a good sized penis, I decided to carry still on my pursuit of getting one. So I decided to give it a go.

So did Phallosan work?

Just give me a few minutes of your time to keep on reading, as I will reveal the truth about Phallosan and allow you to enhance and increase the size and girth (circumference) of your penis once and for all.

But before I do, just take a look at the video below as it will give you a good insight into what Phallosan is, and how it works:

Most of you are probably wondering what it was that drove me to give Phallosan a try after being let down consecutively by other products that have the same motive

The main reason was due coming across an actual medical journal that provided all the facts of it being a type 1 medical device! It’s found as being an FDA approved product and has listed it in their directory of products.

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PHALLOSAN Forte: The Most INCREDIBLE Testimonial You'll EVER Read.


How it’s supposed to work.

Well in comparison to other products I’ve tried, Phallosan uses an entirely unique way for physically combatting small penises like mine..oh yeah and Justin Beiber of course.

It uses a vacuum method to target and operate the penis into stretching the penis and increases its size as you use it. The vacuum protector system enables an individual to have his penis safely stretched to a size beyond your comprehension.

You are required to place a protective cap of silicone on the tip of the bell end for protection, and this allows Phallosan to create a vacuum motion and help keep the air out and enable the device to stretch and your journey now begins.


Does it work as they’ve promised?

YES. It works, and I like I said I was sceptical at first, even when I unpacked the box I was having doubts. But something kept telling me that the Phallosan is different. So I just took a gamble AGAIN.

The Phallosan felt secure and solidly developed, as it moulded nicely over my penis and the vacuum surprisingly was not painful whatsoever.

It didn’t take too long for it work and for me to see visible results, and within a few weeks, I was almost gobsmacked of the increase of my penis, as I’ve never witnessed this before.

It was very comfortable while wearing the device, and I was able to wear it for quite a while during the day. Almost 12 hours to be precise. The longer Phallosan is kept on, the more permanent the results will be.

A month went by, and after a full 30 days I must say that I saw brilliant results, and because of it being soo comfortable I’m able to wear it the majority of the day and NOBODY will notice.

It’s very subtle, and nobody notices I have it on, but little do they know I’ll be getting a bigger penis while at work or wherever I am.

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I cannot stress the comfort while wearing Phallosan; I even wore it to sleep. Yes! I said it; I wore it while I slept and dreamt about Jennifer Aniston in her lingerie.

I have no doubts about this product, as it worked for me, and when you decide to research it for yourself, you will come across other users who had remarkable results too.

Now lets into talking about the quality of Phallosan, since I’ve been emphasising on its comfort quite a bit now.

The Phallosan has been manufactured using the highest quality of materials, which enable the user to have their privates dealt with delicacy. It’s one of the main factors as to why its soo effective as it allows the user to wear it for a substantial amount throughout the day or night and the longer its kept on, the better the results.

The components are all of the high quality too, and the orthopaedic silicon which is to place at the tip of the penis will prevent any allergic reaction.

The tensions and resistance of the Phallosan are quite surprising, as it can produce over 3KG of the resistance when on the highest setting. This characteristic outshines other extenders as they are believed to reach up to 2.2KG in resistance.

As mentioned, the longer a user keeps the device on his penis the better the results, and there’s a reason as to why Phallosan has been going strong almost 15/16 years now.

Why should you use the Phallosan?

The fact that Phallosan has an extensive list of scientifical evidence backing it, there are also independent studies that have been carried out which shown and proved many pieces of evidence to show the Phallosan Forte does work in aid of penis growth.

It’s a first class medical device, and this can be seen in many medical journals both online and on paper.

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The study that had been carried out proves the consistency of Phallosan over the period of 6 months. Resulting in an average penis growing 2 inches or more. The results are permanent with Phallosan, and the user will not need to worry that his willy will shrink back to its original maggit self.

In the study, a few people had kept their penis length size over the six month period after not using the device, and guess what? You won’t believe me, so download the full study above! But the results were permanent!!

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Phallosan isn’t like the average penis extender, which is bulky and boxy and one can’t imagine it even being comfortable by just taking a look at it. The Phallosan is subtle and your able to wear it all day, every day. You can even pop down to your local groceries in your shorts, and nobody will ever notice. Trust me, I’ve tried it.

If you don’t believe me so far, look below to see what it looks like underneath trousers.

If you’re suffering from curvature in the penis, then say no more. The Phallosan has been proven to correct curvature, and you’re able to use it even after prostate surgery.

I’ve never felt this confident before. Honestly, I felt soo vein with myself too. After experiencing this growth on my penis, I couldn’t wait to get in bed with the Mrs, knowing that she’ll be slammed into next week with my new, reformed penis!

Watch the video below and learn the way in which a user puts it on.

So is it worth buying?

What do you think? You’re damn sure it is!

The reaction I got from my girlfriend at the time (now I’m seeing an Argentinean girl from LA) spoke for itself.  The results were noticeable, and I became fond of looking at it so often. I was able to give her orgasms that would enable her to squidge her toes and make her dig her nails into my back.

After the breakup, which was partly my fault, I have been able to achieve so much more with my current partner. I can finally admit that I’m passionate in bed and that I’m much more confident these days and these days, and I‘ll do it all over the house.

So now that I’ve told you my story..what do you think? Are you ready to see results within a few weeks?

IF THIS HELPS: As from April 2015, you’re able to claim your FOUR free condom sleeves for free!

I only got three when I bought it, so you’re in for a treat.

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