This Is Why We Should All Sign Up For A Class In CPR

Keith Ezell had no idea what he’d be facing before he started work that day.  He certainly didn’t imagine that he’d be saving somebody’s life.  As a nurse assistant for the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center,  he was already used to helping people in the most critical circumstances.

However on February 19,  his skills and experiences were much-needed, whilst driving through the Cleveland suburb of Parma, Ohio,  he heard a crash.

Just before he was starting work, he’d been running around doing a few chores for his mother, but he was itching to detour and investigate.  What awaited him was a complete nightmare.

A pair of cars had collided with each and as he approached the scene, one of the drivers started screaming, “She’s not breathing! Help me! Help me!”

A woman in one of the vehicles was moments away from her death.  what’s worse, she wasn’t alone. She was pregnant.

“She was pretty much gone,” Ezell stated. “So I put her on the floor and carried out CPR.”

Not only had he completed a CPR class, but he also had had a resuscitating mask in his rucksack.

He carried out chest compressions and breaths for approximately five to six minutes, as a crowd appeared and the police arrived on the scene.

At one point, he began to wonder if his efforts were worth anything at all.

“She was turning blue. She had no pulse, and I kept thinking, ‘She can’t die on me,” he added.

Lucky for him and everybody else, she didn’t. Soon after the paramedics arrived, Ezell heard them say that she had a pulse. Which was music to his ears.

Ezell was over the moon and joyously said, “My job is done!” A handful of people observing the ordeal began offering their congratulations. But Ezell has no time to celebrate and announces that he has somewhere to be. “I gotta go to work,” said the humble nurse.

This is why everyone this day and age should learn CPR. According to the American Heart Association, almost 400,000 cardiac arrests happen every year in places other than the hospital.

Besides, almost 70 percent of the people say they would feel as though they’d not know what on earth to do if being put in a tricky life/death situation. Only around 30 percent of cardiac-arrest sufferers can rely on a bystander to carry out CPR.

On this occasion the woman should consider herself blessed to be accompanied by such a daredevil. However, there are a few dark twists to the story.

WKYC reports that shortly after the paramedics arrived, they ‘d given the woman a dose of Narcan, a narcotic blocker, as apparently she was suffering the effects of a heroine overdose.

Despite the shocking ending, she still survived thanks to help of the Ezell’s bravery and CPR masterclass.

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