This Restaurant Will Most Likely Get Your Order Wrong! And Theres A Good Reason Why…

Ever been to a restaurant where you’ve been told that you may not get what you order?

A restaurant in Tokyo has a disclaimer which clearly outlines that the waiters are sufferers from Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

“The Restaurant Of Order Mistakes”  is the name given to this pop-up restaurant, as it’s mission is to help change people’s perception about those who suffer from the brain disease.

It was only open for a few days, but diners had a pleasant and enjoyable experience even though the waiters got their orders wrong.

Mizuho Kudo / twitter

Foodie, Mizuho Kudo, shared her experience on twitter, where she ordered a hamburger but instead received gyoza dumplings instead. And you know what? She didn’t mind one bit. She described the food being delicious and everyone at the restaurant were smiling and having great fun.

Mizuho Kudo / twitter

It’s believed that the pop-up restaurant is the brainchild of Maggie’s Tokyo. An organisation that provides help to families of suffered with cancer. It’s initial aim was to provide a pleasant dining experience that will change the perspective of dementia and help people acknowledge that people with dementia can be functioning members of society.

With the trial period coming to an end, the organisation says that they’ll soon be returning in September for World Alzheimer’s Day.

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