SEMENAX Review: INCREASE Your Semen Load Or Shoot Blanks – You Choose!

There are quite a few muscles and nerves which contract and fire when a man has an orgasm and ejaculates. This is the powerful moment in sex which every man loves.semenax-ingredients

All muscles of the rectum, anus, PC muscle, all of the ejaculatory ducts and nerves around them, penis muscles, and the perineum all convulse as the prostate also goes into an ecstatic convulsion. Neurons light up sending massive orgasm signals throughout a man’s body as he is ejaculating.

That duration of ejaculation is the length of the orgasm, so if you don’t have enough juice, you won’t have much of an orgasm. Fortunately, there is Semenax, which is the perfect dietary supplement for your needs.

Better Orgasms with Semenax

Since all of these muscles are contracting like crazy during the great sexual climax and all while you are ejaculating, you want that to go on as long as possible.

The intensity and length of the orgasm depend on how much semen the body is trying to push out in a single orgasm. What Semenax does with targeted nutrients is it increases the amount of seminal fluid in your body. It maximizes the amount of semen you have so when you have an orgasm and ejaculate; it is thick, full, durable, and longer lasting than ever before.

This is a statement you can take to the bank because the ingredients work, it has been tested, and plenty of testimonials praise this beautiful product.

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Semenax = More Semen

The name is just a product name for a highly effective formula which increases semen volume and total ejaculatory volume exponentially.

This also increases ejaculatory pressure which is what fires all those nerves that feel as incredibly good as the orgasm explodes and spreads and your beautiful partner is delighted by the power Semenax has given you.

About 70% of the load you ejaculate is called seminal fluid, and it is made by specialized cell structures called seminal vesicles.

With the use of this supplement, the volume of seminal fluid is significantly increased with continued applications, 25% of your ejaculation comes from fluids in the prostate gland.

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The formula also increases these fluids. Seminal plasma is another liquid found in semen, and it is improved regarding production and release.

Glandular fluids which thicken the semen are substantially built up as well due to the effectiveness of the formula.

It is rather clear that there is an extreme build up of ejaculatory fluid volume which increases as a result of using Semenax, so it is time to give it a good try and has some of the most incredible orgasms of your life.

Truly get into being a sexual man and enjoy the pure, raw nature of your natural climax enhanced by a fantastic supplement.

When you have better sex from having more semen, your partner has better sex because of your massively increased passion and lust as your sexual vigor and confidence build.

How fast does the Semenax take to work?

Everybody wants results right away, and this is perfectly fine. You begin to notice an increase in ejaculation volume starting at around seven days.

Watch the review below to see how Semenax works:

In reality, the way the formula is designed is for it to be building and nourishing, so it can take two to three months of consistent use daily to reach the maximum volume of semen you can attain for your body.

This means you have months of ever-improving sex to look forward to.

Perhaps those results do not seem fast enough for you, but it is easy to understand anything worthwhile takes some effort and dedication.

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The only effort and dedication you have to put into this are taking the pills every day as directed and then enjoy better and better sex as time passes on.

This is a rather good deal especially considering there is no possibility of harmful side effects, no need for a prescription, and it is entirely natural.

What more could you want to have orgasms that are ten times more intense than you ever had anyway?

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No Risk to Try

If you want to step fully into your full sexual manhood and have brilliant, amazing, blasting, booming, thrusting, mind-blowing orgasms, then there is absolutely no reason at all for you not to try this product.

The company is offering a zero-risk trial of 60 days, and if you are not satisfied with big orgasmic ejaculations and immense orgasms by then, they will be sure nothing is charged.

This means you can go ahead and get started because the clock is ticking and the partner is waiting.

Give yourself what you deserve in life as a man. You deserve incredible orgasms, shooting big, healthy loads just like you are naturally supposed to.

This is a way to restore the sexual vitality of your body to more youthful levels so you can enjoy your sex life even more.

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