SizeGenetics : UNBIASED SizeGenetics Extender Review

It was not until I discovered SizeGenetics that I finally reached my goal of having a LONGER HARDER penis.

For a long time, I felt uncomfortable with women. I would meet a girl at a club or bar and hope that she kept the lights off when it was time for sex. I always wished that my penis was longer or wider, but my hopes did not pan

At first, I was uncertain if a penis extension device would actually work. After reading up about each device on-line, I finally looked into SizeGenetics. With a money back guarantee and great reviews, it seemed like my best shot at reaching my goals.

I wanted a device that I could purchase that was comfortable enough to use regularly. If it wasn’t comfortable, I knew in advance that I would just stop using it.

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How it Worked

From everything I read, I know that I would need to use SizeGenetics regularly to see results. Back in high school, I used to lift weights each day. I knew the amount of effort it took bulk up my arms and pecs, so I expected the same amount of work to go into my penis. Essentially, the penis traction device works by attaching to the penis. It causes the same type of traction you normally get when lifting weights.

This helps to strengthen and lengthen the muscles. Over time, it helps to make a larger and harder erection. Within a couple of weeks, I was already starting to notice a difference. The daily “workout” was easy enough to do.

All I had to do was attach SizeGenetics to my penis and let the device work on its own. Without any work on my part, it stretched, strengthened and lengthened my penis.

One of the coolest things about this program is how it takes innovative medical technology and puts it into practice. The same idea as SizeGenetics was used to stretch short arms and legs over the past century.

SizeGenetics Review - STRAIGHTEN Your Penis Without Surgery

Honestly, it surprises me that the medical community took this long to figure out that the same technology could be used to enhance penis size.

Why I Chose SizeGenetics

From the moment I landed on their website, I realized that SizeGenetics is a different type of product. Other penis products are laughable because they never actually work. SizeGenetics advertises prominently that it has a Type 1 Medical Device Certificate. This certificate means that it is actually produced according to medical standards. Surgeons in the field recommend SizeGenetics as an alternative to surgery.

The company also has 16 years of experience in the industry, so it made me feel a lot more confident about the product.

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Loving the Size Calculator   

I HATE dealing with before and after pictures. Someone else’s body, workout plan or diet are always different than mine. Due to this, I love the size calculator on the SizeGenetics page. I input my four inches (don’t laugh) and let it calculate how long it would take for my penis to reach five inches. As the average penis size, I figured this was a good goal to start with.

According to the calculator, it would take three to four months to reach this goal. I am now five months into the program and have already surpassed my initial goal of five inches. Right now, I am between five and six inches. Altogether, this adds up to an impressive 50% gain in size.

What You Get in the Box

When SizeGenetic first came in the mail, it was accompanied by some additional products. I bought the Ultimate System, so it came with the SizeGenetics Device and a comfort strap. There were some spare parts and an instructional DVD that was actually quite helpful. In addition, I was given a travel case as well as a luxury leather case.

Although the cases may not sound spectacular, they were actually great for taking it some place. I love the SizeGenetics system but did not really want to have a penis extender in the back window of my car.

The cases made it easier for me to take it along on business trips and were inconspicuous.

Other items that came with the Ultimate System included some traction powder and wipes. There was some Revita cream in the kit as well as a PenisHealth DVD. A few other discounts, money-off offers and LoveCentria access were also included which made for a great deal.


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 The Results

When I first started this program five months ago, I did not know what to expect. I was uncomfortable in bed with women and didn’t like for people to see my body naked. With a larger penis, my life has actually changed. In addition to the larger size, I feel more confident getting naked.

I went from a hookup every month or two to every week. In the last month, I met a girl that I really like. I don’t know if we will stay together forever, but I do know that she likes my penis. Both of us orgasm better now and I have more control over when I reach orgasm. I can last longer and give her the experience she wants.

Other than the product itself, the customer service at the website is great. Before I bought SizeGenetics, I had questions about money back guarantees and if it actually worked. The customer service team at the site was polite and responded instantly to my questions.

In a world where customer services hotlines are normally staffed by college kids in Indonesia, it was great to get in touch so easily with the customer service reps.

Altogether, my experience with Size Genetics has been great. I have used the product for five months and plan on using it for the rest of the year. If I keep this up, I will reach seven inches by the end of the year. As a guy who is used to changing in the dark, it is a great feeling to go past a small or average penis size.

Before long, I will be busting out the Magnum Xl condoms. Already, regular fit condoms are starting to feel tighter. Thank you, SizeGenetics!

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