TestRX T-Booster Review: Possible Game Changer?

There’s always an influx of supplements within the T booster market, and it can be difficult to distinguish the wheat from the chaff when itIMG_3536 comes to finding the right supplement that works.

Luckily, we’re here to help.

We have put TestRX under the spotlight, a renowned supplement that harnesses a blend of potent, proven testosterone-boosting ingredients that will help boost muscle gain, strength, libido and general all round manliness…

A few of the results promised here included improved muscle mass, fat loss, energy levels and improvement in mood, enhanced athletic performance, and endurance, transformed sex drive and reduced body fat. Let’s see if it delivers.

Ingredients in TestRX

The manufacturers have fully disclosed its formula and the amount of each ingredient contained within each serving… (which is a refreshing change from those all too common undisclosed exclusive blends that we keep coming across)

Each Serving:

  • Fenugreek 300mg
  • Vitamin K2 20mcg
  • Vitamin D3 1140iu
  • Magnesium 200mg
  • Zinc 10mg
  • D-Aspartic Acid 2300mg

IMG_3537Instructions on taking TestRX

The recommended dose is four capsules daily

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User Feedback

The product is quite new to hit the UK market, so they’re not many reviews out there yet, but the ones that are out there all seem positive. Which is a good sign right?

There’s a lot of very positive discussions surrounding TestRX from the few users we have spoken too, though – what’s more you can tell a lot how a product is likely to perform by looking at the formula and although this is possibly not the strongest t-booster out there, it looks pretty damn good…

Side Effects

We’ve had a good look around and haven’t manage to find any reports of adverse side effects from people who have tried TestRX.

TestRX - What Can It Do For You?

Where To Buy TestRX in the UK

You’re able to order online directly from TestRX.com, if you prefer, you can also order via phone or fax. You’ll find a choice of three packages here depending on how much TestRX you’re looking to purchase:

  • One-month supply:    £ 41.04
  • Two-month supply:    £ 83.56
  • Three-month supply: £125.34

There’s always special offers (including some freebies!) available but depending on how much TestRX you buy – get in!

Any Guarantees?

So what if you’re not satisfied with the product? You’ll be pleased to know there’s a whopping 67-day guarantee on offer here – plenty of time to try and decide whether TestRX is right for you and get your money back….

TestRX: Does It Help To Restore Youth?


Since it’s a newish product, the reviews are pretty thin on the ground for now.. however, as we said above you can get a good idea on a product’s capabilities by studying the formula in depth…

It’s a simple blend when being compared to some products out there, but each and every ingredient in TestRX plays a significant role in providing noticeable increases in testosterone… keen bodybuilders, athletes and in fact any man who wants to gain muscle mass, lose fat, gain strength and as an extra benefit, boost his libido will enjoy it….

We Totally Recommended!!

You Can Buy TestRX direct from the makers by going to testRX.com

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