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What is a Penis Extender? Does SizeGenetics Really Help?

In the past, one of the main ways to increase penis size was to undergo surgery. Over the last few decades, new options have developed that offer safer and cheaper solutions. With a penis extender like SizeGenetics, men can increase the size of their penis without having to go under the knife.

Before selecting a particular device, you should consider a few things. The effectiveness of the device, safety and comfort are all variables in choosing a penis extender.

A penis extender stretches out the penis. When you do a workout at the gym, weight lifting stretches out your muscles. Once the muscle has been stretched out, protein moves into the area and sizegenetics-ultimate-and-complete-extension-systemworks to build muscle. A penis extender works the same way. It stretches out the penis and allows the new tissue to develop.

This allows the penis to increase in size and girth. Most penis extenders use fastening points and some method of elongating the penis. The best extenders are backed by clinical studies and money back guarantees.

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Does it Work?

The main question most men ask is if penis extenders work? There have been clinical studies conducted at the University of Turin that show the efficacy of this device. In the study, men gained an average of one inch on their flaccid penis after six months.

Each penis extender has two fastening points. One point fastens beneath the glands while the other fastens at the base. Between these points, bars or rods are used that stretch the penis out.

These rods are increased gradually over time so that the penis is stretched the same amount continuously.

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Preparing to Use a Penis Extender

If you have never used a penis extender like SizeGenetics before, you should always take out the directions first. Read through everything that the manufacturer has included so that you can obtain the best results.

Once you have read through the directions, you may want to prepare the penis. The raw edges of the frenulum can be wrapped with some cloth to prevent any irritation.

After this is done, an extender strap can be attached to the penis. All parts of the device should be securely strapped on so that it works correctly. The next few steps vary from device to device, but all devices will require a waiting period.

It can take up to 20 minutes of stretching each day to ensure the best results.

While you are waiting for the extender to do its job, you can watch television, read a book or complete household chores.

Search for Customisation

When you are looking for the right extender, you should always search for a product that has multiple rod lengths. A penis extender must contain customized options because your penis size will change over time. As your penis increases in size, you will need the extender to expand with it.

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The website of the manufacturer should sell replacement parts like comfort cushions, straps, nooses or rods. Since most penis extenders cost a decent amount, it is crucial to use a company that offers inexpensive replacement parts.

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Are There Instruction Videos and Additional Help?

No one wants to call a customer service hotline about a penis extender. If you do need to call the customer service center, you need to know in advance if they will help. The best customer service offices have discreet, courteous staff members. In addition to using a customer service hotline, you will also need to check if the penis extender comes with an instructional video or directions.

Although it may seem straightforward to use, you may need extra help. A PDF file, booklet or instruction video can help you make sure that you are using it correctly and troubleshoot any possible problems.

Focus on Fastening

Penis extenders have become extremely advanced and are safe to use. If you do suffer from any redness, irritation or injuries, it will most likely be caused by fastening the extender incorrectly. Each extender brand may have a different set of nooses, straps, and rods that make it work.

These must be fastened tightly without rubbing on the foreskin. You will also need to read the directions beforehand to see if you attach the extender while your penis is flaccid or hard.

Additionally, some brands offer comfort straps or protective layers that help to protect your penis. The SizeGenetics model, in particular, has been noted for the 58 Ways system of attaching and numerous comfort pads.

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Money Back Guarantee

Before you type your credit card number in, you have to see if the device offers a money back guarantee. A manufacturer who makes a shoddy product will never offer a guarantee because they would lose money. In comparison, a manufacturer that offers a money back guarantee is willing to stand behind their product.

These devices tend to be better made, but the guarantee also ensures that you can return the device if you do not like the penis extender. For first-time users, a guarantee takes away a lot of the stress that results from buying a penis extender.

Are There Any Dangers?

Every product that is sold on the marketplace carries some risks. With a penis extender, most of your potential risks are no worse than typical fitness workouts. It is entirely possible to stretch too much or for too long.

You should always follow the recommendations that come with the device for the duration and intensity of the workout. If you stretch your penis too much, it can cause you to injure yourself.

The best results can be obtained by consistently using the device according to the recommendations on the box

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A penis extender may not be the right choice for every man, but it can be a vital tool for the majority of guys. If you have problems ejaculating early, curvature issues, or worries about your size, a penis extender can help.

Through consistent use, you can increase the girth and length of the penis.

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