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You’ll Be SHOCKED After 15 Minutes! – BATHMATE Uncovered

Studies show that the BathMate can effectively INCREASE THE LENGTH and thickness of the penis!

It takes several weeks of continued use to be effective, but the results are worth the wait. Individuals can figure out the size they want and use BathMate for the amount of time necessary. By using BathMate, men can finally get the size they want without undergoing surgery. This device can also help men to gain volume within their penis.hidrobomba

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Increasing CONFIDENCE and Self-Esteem

When it comes to penis size, every man has an idea of what is average and what is exceptional.

After bringing a girl home, many men feel uncomfortable taking off their clothes with the light on. Knowing that they do not measure up, these men may lose self-confidence and their self-esteem over time.

This process ultimately spirals downward. With less self-confidence, it can be harder for men to do well at work or even approach a woman in a bar. Over time, this downward spiral can lead to a lower quality of life and ongoing problems in the bedroom. To break the cycle, men have to fix the original problem.

With a larger penis, they can REGAIN their self-confidence and begin to FEEL GOOD about their performance in the bedroom!

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The Penis Size Debate

Many men have wondered exactly what size is right for penis length and circumference. In the search for the answer, researchers have used internet forums and chat rooms that cater to women.

This information has shown that women do not like a penis when it is shorter than five inches in length. In addition, they do not prefer sleeping with a man who has a penis with smaller than 4.5 inches in circumference. Women generally preferred a penis between 7 to 11 inches in length and 5.75 to 7 inches in circumference.

Out of this size range, the sweet spot for penis size was at 7.25 to 8.25 inches in length and 6.25 to 6.5 inches in circumference.

For men who do not currently measure up, there are ways to increase penis size and circumference. The Bathmate can improve the size and circumference of the penis with continued use. As men use the product longer, their penis will continue to increase in size.

Straightening Out Bent Penises

Known as Peyronie’s disease, this condition develops as scar tissue develops along the penis. Although the plaque or scar tissue is not visible to an outside of observer, it can cause the penis to bend over time. Men with Peyronie’s disease may have painful sex.

On occasion, they may even find sexual intercourse to be difficult. Although the topic has been researched extensively, the cause of a bent penis is not entirely known.

Scientists think that the scar tissue may develop due to some type of hitting, bending or trauma to the penis. In some men, a bent penis could be a genetic problem that is passed down from the parents.

Peyronie’s disease can appear over time or just develop overnight. It will not appear bent unless the penis is hard. Once the penis hardens, the bent shape limits flexibility and and forces the penis to bend during an erection. Although up to 20 percent of Peyronie’s disease cases will resolve on their own, the remaining 80 percent of cases or more may last for an extended period of time.

When cases of a bent penis do not resolve, men can use the Bathmate to improve the shape and straightness of the penis. Over the course of a few weeks or months, they can return the penis to its original shape. As an added benefit, the penis will also increase in size.

Better In Bed

One of the obvious benefits of using Bathmate is to get better in bed.

With consistent use, men can last longer in bed and bring more pleasure to their partner. In addition, this device can increase the size of the penis head. For the lucky lady, this causes a better orgasm and more frequent orgasms.

Men who are concerned about their current performance – Or who SUSPECT that their partner is FAKING an orgasm – Can use Bathmate and give their partner the type of Sexual Experience that they’ve been DREAMING about!

Money Back Guarantee

Few men want to have a penis extension device delivered to them by the mailman. The staff at Bathmate understand this. They ship each package discreetly so that no one can tell what is inside.

Likewise, Bathmate offers a money back guarantee. If men do not like their product, they can immediately get their money back. Unlike other programs, men do not have to pay for postage or the cost of handling fees if they want to return the product. This makes it easier for men to try out the device without having any risks.

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Around-the-Clock Customer Support

Before buying a product, people seldom think about needing customer support. When someone has an awkward question or concern, having customer support on-hand is absolutely necessary.

The makers of Bathmate can be reached at any time of the day or night. In addition to calling customer service, individuals can send in an e-mail. Since creating Bathmate in 2005, staff members have heard every type of question or concern possible.

Men never have to worry that they are asking a ridiculous or STUPID question!

Customer support staff have heard it all and are able to help with everything.

What Can Men Expect While Using Bathmate?

Most men who use Bathmate can expect to have a one to three-inch increase in penis length. In addition, they can enjoy a 30% increase in thickness. The increase in size can be noticed when the penis is erect and flaccid.

In the first few hours after the initial use, men will notice an immediate increase in penis size. Although this will wear off over the course of the first day, the penis will gradually start building up to a permanent size increase over a few weeks.

Essentially, Bathmate is a type of weight training. Like building pecs and biceps, penis muscle can be strengthened and increased. From one to three months, the penis will attain a half an inch or more in size. As it is used for longer periods of time, the penis will appear fatter and longer.

Daily Use Tips

Each day, the Bathmate should be used for 15 minutes. At the very minimum, men should use it for at least three times a week. Daily use will bring about faster and more noticeable results.

When using it in a bath tub, men just have to fill the tub with water and get in. After putting Bathmate underwater, they should insert their penis and slide it down along the base until pressure is built up.

The device should be pumped up to four or five times to make sure that no additional water is coming out of the pressure release valve. Afterward, men can relax for four to five minutes. Every five minutes, men should try pumping again.

As the penis expands, it will push water into the pressure release valve. Due to this, the device needs to be pumped every five minutes that it is in use. If the pressure is too high to be comfortable, men can always release some of the pressure.

Are There Any Side Effects or Safety Issues?

Like any product, Bathmate has to be used correctly for the best results. It should be kept away from children in a safe location. If men have a physical penile condition or recent surgery, they should always talk with their doctor first.

BathMate is EXTREMELY SAFE to use and offers EXCELLENT results!

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Often, medical practitioners recommend pumps like Bathmate for men who have erectile dysfunction issues.

The only side effects associated with using Bathmate are all positive. Men can increase sexual pleasure for their partner and enjoy a larger penis. Likewise, men can last longer in bed, enjoy better ejaculations and an improved level of self-confidence.


With only 15 minutes of use each day, men can enjoy longer, thicker penises.

It only takes a few weeks of use to notice results. Men who suffer from decreased self-confidence due to their size can enjoy having a boost to their self-esteem.

This product can help men last longer in bed and pleasure their partner better. In addition, BathMate can help men who suffer from problems like erectile dysfunction or a bent penis.

With a money back guarantee and around-the-clock customer support, men never have to worry about choosing to purchase Bathmate.

The company has been in the business since 2005 and has a history of providing customer satisfaction with each purchase.


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